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The Community Health Network of West Virginia is a member-driven network of not-for-profit health care centers that delivers primary health care and chronic disease management services to more than 120,000 West Virginians in nearly 80 locations.
Through the sharing of best-practices and leading edge technology services the network’s members work collectively to optimize their operations, streamline systems, reduce costs, expand access to care and improve the health outcomes of their patients.
The network's experienced, skilled professional staff provides counsel and assist members with the selection, implementation and support of technologies, systems and services. This allows these rural health care centers to benefit from greater economies of scale, innovative clinical care models and advanced health information technology.

The overarching goals of the Community Health Network of West Virginia are to expand access to healthcare, achieve better health outcomes in the communities they serve and lead to overall health improvement. Medical research has shown that living with a chronic condition can be managed and many of the complications of these diseases can be avoided through regular contact with health care providers, patient education and self-management, with regular physical activity and dietary modification.

With its main mission being health improvement, the members of the CHNWV use a combination of the clinical care model and advanced health information technology to change the state's dismal health statistics for the better - forever.



Dr. Sarah Chouinard featured in CNN article on rural health care in WVa. - Friday, July 10, 2009

It is the dilemma Dr. Sarah Chouinard faces every day. She runs a community health clinic in Clay, where nearly 30 percent of the population falls below the poverty line and at least 35 percent of the residents lack health insurance.
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